Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I only have a couple of minutes --- but being here is a GIFT. Right now I am in a town on the Pacific Ocean for orientation until tomorrow where I meet my family-- Mercedes and her daughter, Catalina who is I think 25? I meet them TOMORROW. What? It's true. I am one of two students who doesn't need to use the metro to get to school everyday -- it is closer for me to walk there than to walk to the metro! Walking to school everyday sounds wonderful. I may be out of touch for a while before I get settled in in Santiago. Everyone is wonderful. The staff is increible. Before I even saw them in the airport, Rossanna was hugging me and Roberto was kissing me on the cheek. They studied our pictures ahead of time so they could recognize us. ha. So very welcoming. They speak slowly for us now so that we can understand -- but everything is always and only in Spanish. I am going to learn a lot a lot. Will share more later. Must go. Much amor a todos!! Did I mention it's like 70 degrees and for the first time I have seen the pacific ocean???

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