Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Headed to Chapod

Headed out on a night bus back to my rural homestay in Chapod, outside of Temuco, for my final project until the end of May! I will be going into the city a couple times a week to have interent access, so please e-mail me and keep in touch. I am going to be studying/teaching about curriculum that teaches about the history, geography and the cultures of the world. We will see how that plays out/ what that looks like. I'll try and keep you updated along the way. Hopefully I am just going to be hanging out with lots of children and drawing maps and talking about what the ocean looks like, what Africa is . . . ect and collecting their understandings of the world. I am leaving my wonderful family in Santiago, but I am headed to my also wonderful family in Chapod. Good luck to everyone who is taking finals! Peace, Maggie

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  1. Magpie, What a gift...the world as seen through your grace and wonder! And you will love learning right along with them! I know the Mapuche will shower you with love, hope someone gets a picture of you being tossed in the air! Cant't wait to see you in June and meet all of the families that have generously opened their homes and hearts to you!! love mop